Ass Pimples: Ruining your Life

Chase Kelly —  September 11, 2012 — 1 Comment

Ass pimples are just kind of par for the course for dancers.  The stage is dirty, the chairs are dirty, and men who never wash their jeans are dirty.  The friction of rubbing our butts on laps causes all kinds of little abrasions in the skin, which makes it super easy for bacteria to get in there and fester.  You can’t very well work with huge pimples on your ass, and although some really trashy girls do it, I don’t recommend it.  Instead, it is best to avoid getting butt pimples in the first place.

Every hour I go back into the dressing room for 5 minutes (if I can) to freshen up, wipe down, and drop my money off in my locker.  The very first thing I do is wipe down my butt and my thighs with witch hazel, $2.00 at the convenience store, and one of the most integral parts of your stripper kit.  The astringent dries up any active acne, and it is antibacterial, so it cleans up anything sitting on the top of the skin.

I also shower as SOON as I get home.  I use yellow liquid dial soap on my butt, chest, and legs to kill bacteria.  Do not sleep in your bed with the strip club still on you.  Bathe, it’s important.  In the day, you can wash your butt with any cheap salicylic (acne) face wash.  The store brand is fine, no reason to splurge on facewash for your booty, that is just absurd.     Salicylic acid is a gentler exfoliant than your loofah or washcloth.  You can just apply it with your fingers and let it sit for 45 seconds to a few minutes.

Aside from completely ruining your money, pimples can be pretty dangerous for strippers.  The puss that lives inside of them is actually MRSA, better known as staph.  If it ruptures the infection can spread, and due to the nature of our jobs, it is likely to pop and pick up bacteria from everything and then you will have a staph infected ass.  You really don’t want to have to go through staph treatment.  It is awful, I’ve been there.  You can’t work for a long time, and there will probably be at least minimal scarring.

So splurge on some shit at the dollar store and keep your butt pretty, k?

Chase Kelly


Founder of I have been dancing for 9 years and have been working in clubs and the adult industry in general for 14. Survive the Club is my passion project and I have faith in our community. Looking to increase the odds of EVERY sex workers' personal and financial success.

One response to Ass Pimples: Ruining your Life


    I soak a container of baby wipes in witch hazel to make quick wipe downs at work faster!

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