Can Being A Stripper Ruin My Career?

Chase Kelly —  December 11, 2013 — 4 Comments

I’m a nosy person, so I keep an eye on what y’all google that lands you here at  Mostly it’s “How to be a stripper” “Become a stripper” “How to strip” “Learn To strip” “Stripper Tips”, etc, etc. but today I saw a really interesting search that landed a girl here, and maybe it’s something we need to talk about.  This girl googled “can stripping ruin my career?”


While what you do in your personal time SHOULD be your business, and you shouldn’t be judged for it, the reality is that if you want to keep your life a secret, find one of those jobs filling out online surveys online and NEVER LEAVE YOUR HOUSE.  If you want to get into the adult industry in any way, I have to tell you that people WILL find out, and they WILL have opinions.  Whether it’s your coworkers or your family members, the risk is high that people will at some point condemn you either publicly or privately for being a stripper.  In my years in this industry, I have seen girls get thrown under the bus by siblings, stalkers, former classmates, frenemies, nemeses, and my personal favorite: their boyfriends.  The fact that you dance, if you choose to keep it a secret from your coworkers or family or significant other, will inevitably become ammunition for anyone who ends up “in the loop” of your life.  Your secret can become your greatest weakness, as secrets often do.


Maybe if you traveled to work and told no one about your job, you could get away with it–maybe–but this job is very isolating and not having anyone you can talk to about it could drive a sane woman mad.  If you decide to dance and you don’t want people to know, I highly recommend a therapist who you can vent to about work.  If you ARE going through this experience all alone, you might consider getting active in some online communities.  Rebecca has forums for girls who are in enrolled in stripper school and there are also some forums on stripperweb.  I have met a couple girls who swear by sticking to yourself at the club and in life in order to keep yourself as “normal” as possible, but if you’re like me, normal isn’t as important as happy.  I feel blessed to have experienced the good times and the bad with friends.  Having the freedom to be “out” about my job has made me less vulnerable to stigmatization and self-hatred through this leg of my journey.  I’m not sure if I could have handled juggling dancing and building a career. The stress of being found out and taken down would be too strong.


The great conundrum about dancing is that it’s too “grown up” for most girls under 24, but a good chunk of girls over 24 are too “grown up” to jeopardize their reputations with the label.  Do you have experience juggling work and a job?  Share your stories in the comments.  We need to talk!


Chase Kelly


Founder of I have been dancing for 9 years and have been working in clubs and the adult industry in general for 14. Survive the Club is my passion project and I have faith in our community. Looking to increase the odds of EVERY sex workers' personal and financial success.

4 responses to Can Being A Stripper Ruin My Career?


    This is a difficult topic.

    As a former stripper, for me personally, I’ve found it a better choice to not mention stripping at all.

    The reason I have chosen to go this route is because mentioning that I was a dancer has effectively destroyed a non-stripping job interview.

    I applaud you for “outing” yourself as a sex worker. However, society does not share your views just yet, and probably will never do so (negative bias towards sex workers is too deeply ingrained in human culture). Be open with your close friends and family if you wish, but don’t be open with an employer or clients at a non-stripping job.

    Yes, secrets can destroy. But if you are going to be a stripper alongside your non-sex worker job, then I suggest altering your appearance at work (wear a lot of makeup, use wigs, wear really high heels, use different perfume, etc. – you’d be surprised at how just those few changes will totally throw a person off from recognizing you. Think Clark Kent minus glasses equals Superman – no one called him on that!).


    I stripped for a while, during my senior year in high school and two years after. I always thought, I’ll just strip my way through college, like the girls Drake talks about in his songs, right? I paid for my schooling for all 4 years, minus a measly Pell Grant I received every year. Well, I am on my way to med school and I had an interview with admissions for one of the schools I am applying to. Since I’ve been able to claim independent all through college, due to my mother completely disowning me, all they seen on all of my tax returns and applications was the few bucks I made waitressing 3 morning a week. They knew that wasn’t enough to pay $120k off in two years… (I paid my loans off by the beginning of my junior year.) So, I was interrogated, so to speak. I never considered it could happen before it did, so I froze up when they asked me how I paid for it. I considered lying, but I was scared. I immediately started crying and told them about my dancing… They were all speechless by the time of my rant and told me I would be receiving an email regarding their decision based on what I told them. I received a call a few weeks later from a lady wanting to personally congratulate me on being admitted to the University of Washington School of Medicine! Moral of the story: every situation is different. But it is definitely possible to use this industry as an outlet into what you really want to do in life. I was homeless all throughout high school and part of college because my family was f*cked up… I seen stripping as a way to get money for the time being, not only to survive, but to get myself a Bachelors and prepare myself for Med school, and I am proud to say I did it:)


      That’s amazing! Just make sure you handle your taxes, if your parents noticed, so will the IRS!
      Independence comes at a high cost sometimes, but it’s worth it if you ask me! I feel bad for the girls who believe that stripping is like a Drake song, though. It isn’t–it’s HARD and lots of clubs operate outside of the law, depending on where you are and how you conduct your business it can be really difficult.


    So I found this blog doing research for my own blog – . It has taken me over a decade to be able to keep my sex work career as my part of my personal history and also build a life and a career that has very few limitations of being judged for choosing sex work

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