SURVIVETHECLUB is a growing network that supports strippers and sex workers throughout their journey.  SURVIVETHECLUB’s mission is to debunk the myths about our industry and use our experiences to build towards the positive life changes that we can create during our time in the adult entertainment industry.  You can read more about how we got started in our Mission Statement.


Hi, I’m Chase Kelly and this is my website.  I’m a 30 year old entertainer and have been in the adult industry for 14 years (dancing for 9).  I like the internet, fancy shoes, my savings account, helping people, travel, puppies, and the ocean, so with my stripper money, I made some savings accounts, started some websites, helped some people, traveled to some cities and oceans, and fostered and rescued some doggies.

Who provides the content for SURVIVETHECLUB?

We consider submissions from anyone in the sex industry (and some people who are not) who would like to share their experiences and knowledge or ask questions, but most of what you see here was written by me.

How do I submit my writing/inquiry/opinion?

SURVIVETHECLUB pieces fall under two categories: Articles and Journals.  Articles are 400-800 words and provide inspiration and instruction to individuals who are new to the industry or are trying to figure their way through it (or out of it).  Journals are everything else: opinions, stories, and feelings.  There is no minimum or maximum length for Journals and everyone can submit, and readers/other authors are encouraged to comment and share their knowledge on the subjects discussed.

We only accept pieces that have not been published elsewhere; however we are happy to link to your blogs and social networks to help you promote your blogs and social sites. Articles must be distinct, well-written, and thought provoking.  SURVIVETHECLUB is committed to providing quality content, so please edit submissions for grammar,  spelling, and syntax.  Not all submissions will be accepted on the first draft, however we urge you to keep writing, editing and submitting.  Let’s make our voices heard!

Journals can be submitted by anyone on any sex work related topic and can be written in any format, whether you want to ask a question to your fellow sex workers or you want to talk about the weird customer you had last night, share a poem you wrote about stripping, etc etc.  We encourage you to stay positive and open to encouragement, not to slander or vent, to always be self-aware.  Use SURVIVETHECLUB as a forum to harness your greatness rather than feed into negativity.  SURVIVETHECLUB is open to sex-positive discussion on any topic, but we do not slander, slut shame, threaten, or bully anyone or each other.  Racism in any form is not tolerated and SURVIVETHECLUB reserves the right to delete hateful comments and reject content.

Submissions must be Microsoft Word documents and should be emailed to survivetheclub@gmail.com.

What about other media?

SURVIVETHECLUB accepts ALL submissions, photo, video, and audio.  If you have something you want to share with your industry, share it.  Email survivetheclub@gmail.com

I want to tell my story, but I’m not a great writer.  Is there any other way?

Totally.  We can set you up an interview or you could make us a video.  Email survivetheclub@gmail.com and we will work something out.

I’d like to advertise with SURVIVETHECLUB.  What do I do?

We consider banner exchange, affiliate programs, and ad sales.  Email survivetheclub@gmail.com with business inquiries.


Do you make money off of SURVIVETHECLUB?

Currently, I do monetize SURVIVETHECLUB, however I am far from breaking even on the investment I’ve made into building the site.  This has been a labor of love since it’s conception and I have never expected anything in return for the time and energy I’ve spent making this industry easier and more profitable for my peers. That being said, SURVIVETHECLUB is part of my exit plan, as I have spent years curating, writing, and revising business plans, mentorship programs, and countless emails. I am hoping that at some point, not only will I recoup the money that I have invested, but that SURVIVETHECLUB becomes a source of sustainable income for me, so that I can continue working on it and growing it for years to come and eventually hire other former dancers and become part of their exit plans.

One response to FAQ


    Wow… I think that’s the most inspiring speech since Steve Jobs’s commencement speech! Thank you for putting so much of your time, commitment and work into this; I do hope that one day it will be a wonderful exit plan for you and many others that you have touched through your work.
    Thank you for your Contribution to WordPress… You give voice to so many. Keep going strong grrrl.

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