Use the buddy system

June 29, 2014
Once he's wasted, it's time to stop feeding him shots!  There's multiple reasons you don't want your customers that drunk, one being for safety's sake.  Get him tipsy enough to loosen up and have fun but don't make him regret his decision to come to your place of business by getting him fall down drunk and essentially robbing him.  People are volatile and unpredictable, and sometimes you're trapped in a room for an hour with him!Be aware.  Keep your eyes open.  Don't get so wasted that you don't know what's going on.  Always be ready to run into the dressing room should anything bad happen.  Check your car before you get in and watch your back for people following you.  Carry mace.  Take self defense classes.  Do not rely on management to keep you safe; do it yourself.  Take your personal safety personally.

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