People are pretty impressionable, you know, and pretty women can sell almost any concept, which is why we are on billboards and magazines and car ads and everything else.  The dudes you're dancing for hear you out, and if your music is all "bang bang" people will think that's cool and you'll be perpetuating the glamorization of violence at strip clubs and in the world.  When the DJ says no rap music, hear him out.  It's my favorite music to listen to and dance to, so I understand when girls are pissed about it, but just like I don't think it's appropriate to dance to music that sounds like Satan is about to rip through the speakers, I don't think it's great to dance to mob music.  Be sweet and sexy so our environment can stay safe and lucrative.  Who really cares about what you dance to on stage anyway?   You're here for the money not to jam out.Be aware.  Keep your eyes open.  Don't get so wasted that you don't know what's going on.  Always be ready to run into the dressing room should anything bad happen.  Check your car before you get in and watch your back for people following you.  Carry mace.  Take self defense classes.  Do not rely on management to keep you safe; do it yourself.  Take your personal safety personally.

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