Always carry your ID

June 29, 2014
Don't link up with that man who promises to turn you into a multi-thousandaire:  It's almost impossible to believe but stripper pimps are actually still a thing, but they are and nice girls are getting suckered.  You don't need a pimp or a "boyfriend" to teach you how to make money.    You're a big girl, you can do it yourself.  I will help you.  Don't work at places that let these scumbags hang out, they're probably paying the club to hang there and that means you're being 1) trafficked 2) hustled.  Don't get into all that!Be aware.  Keep your eyes open.  Don't get so wasted that you don't know what's going on.  Always be ready to run into the dressing room should anything bad happen.  Check your car before you get in and watch your back for people following you.  Carry mace.  Take self defense classes.  Do not rely on management to keep you safe; do it yourself.  Take your personal safety personally.

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